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Customer Relationship Calls & SMS/email communications

The Team Australian Customer Service outbound communication solution is one that starts with customer CRM databases, and highly sophisticated SMS communication software. Scripts and SMS messages are written to achieve the required outcomes jointly between client or agency and TACS with calls or SMS made by a dedicated trained team at the Team Australian Customer Service Sydney call centre.

Providing an inbound response device for the respondents to respond in their own time is critical. A 1800 or 1300 number and an SMS response number can be assigned from the TACS Inbound library to create a blended environment for calls coming back in from the outbound campaigns and from callers responding to other marketing activity such as SMS campaigns.

Lines at TACS are fully supported by client trained Team Australian Customer Service agents, to ensure that callers are always able to quickly access a knowledgeable representative for a high level of customer service. TACS agents will also have the ability to escalate calls to client staff and strategic partners, for service issues or technical query resolution beyond the agents brief and database.

Following a detailed procedure briefing, induction and training for the agents, TACS will create a specific campaign caller contact database using the Filemaker Pro and ‘Contact’ SMS platforms. This will be used to capture the required lead and verification information as dictated by the marketing objectives. This interface will also provide any further information the agents need to look after caller requests, within the call [with single call resolution as a service KPI].

SMS and email communications to existing customers have become highly effective as non intrusive methods of advising new product, services, seminars etc. TACS utilises a specialist SMS ‘Contact’ software to communicate through and receive response through mobile and email channels.

Outbound campaigns will be scheduled and integrated with inbound responses to ensure the target audience is reached and communicated with in as cost effective and ethical manner as possible. The principles of the Privacy Act and the Do Not Call Register, will be observed and adhered to in all actions.


Mobile [3G and PDA] Communications

Team Australian Customer Service operates Datasquirts ‘Contact’ emails/SMS software that generates both outbound and response for email document and SMS message sends. Request for information can be responded to immediately by the TACS ‘Contact’ software, to greatly improve single call resolution and customer satisfaction.

Requests for email response are also handled within template and free form response available within the Contact solution.

With EPICCentre ACD, Filemaker Pro and Contact SMS management, Team Australian Customer Service provides a total end to end customer communication solution, with full outbound and inbound CRM services, including both electronic and mail document fulfilment. All activity is monitored, data based and all actions, date and time stamped. The TACS focus is always complete customer satisfaction and client accountability.

Service Levels – all service levels and KPI’s for Inbound and outbound correspondence and SMS and emails as defined, are currently best practice. High level SLA’s and KPI’s are regularly exceeded by Team Australian Customer Service on behalf of its clients.

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