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Announcing: Team Australian ‘AIR’ – On Call Australian Service & Help Desk Support

How does it work?

  • The Team Australian ‘AIR’ business model is Sydney based and evolutionary. It provides one on one Australian Service & Help Desk support as a low cost, outsource solution. Genuine Australian Intuitive Response (AIR) delivering an excellent customer engagement experience for online businesses.
  • It is based on calls & web chats (from online sites) to our expert client knowledge team in Sydney, NSW & SA – who establish a one on one relationship. Calls and chats are exchanged as the engagement requires it, through to resolution. There is no delineation or barrier between either inbound or outbound.
  • All caller details and web chat conversations are picked up and entered into our Team Australian client CRM database and (if access is provided) into the client online site or server via VPN, as our client knowledge team take over the engagement.
  • We provide expert help (IT level 1 ) plus sales, bookings, registrations and filtering. Our team have particular expertise in :- ecommerce support, Financial services, Pharmaceutical, Medical, FMCG, Food Industry, Home Building, International Travel, Event Ticketing, Education services, Promotional Q&A/T&C support.
  • The AIR/Team Australian ‘On Call’ structure offers a definitive alternative to the traditional offshore contact centre model of maximum throughput. Where ‘on hold’ queuing and ‘run around’ occurs as a result of too few staff, low skill levels, high staff turnover and systems designed for the next available agent to take a call.
  • In AIR the same person, with the skill set and training to resolve the customer issue, answers key questions and (where part of the service) quickly process the transaction to the clients merchant account. Our team become the client customer service team.
  • We provide dedicated lines and URLs for clients to move calls and web chats to the trained Team Australian client knowledge team. This may occur as a full outsource, or as an overflow from a company customer service centre (to insure KPI’s and customer service levels are contained). ‘On call’ Disaster Recovery & backup services can also be put in place to fill in where staff are unavailable due to training, leave or sickness.
  • The same Help & Service Desk team can assist unresolved inquiries moving through clients online, social and digital channels – which are often dangerously underserviced.
  • Team Australian’ AIR’ systems can run 24/7 with web chat. With voice Help & Service Desk support up to 60 hours per week, including nights & weekends. Phone number capture plus appropriate voice mail messages, allow any overnight phone call to be serviced with a call back made on the next business day.
  • All AIR Help and Service Desk services are provided by Australians, in Australia.

Service Costs – Extended Hours, Low Commitment, Pay as you Go

  • The AIR service is available on a variable cost per minute at $0.90 cents ( in 30 second increments). Or on a fixed cost per call or web chat at $4.95 (to 4 minutes).
  • Entry level pre paid time packages, allow 115 minutes of calls & web chats per week, with 60 hours of Australian service, for just $199 per week.
  • Live Australian Help Desk service hours to suit the client requirement including nights and weekends. Help Desk services run on Sydney AEST time.
  • All services (including pre paid packages) cover help desk web chat, inbound and outbound calls & email response, for customer engagement management (CEM).
  • Where call volumes are unknown (e.g. start ups) an entry level pre paid package can be purchased with over- minutes (over 115 per week or 500 per month) charged at $0.90cents per 30 second unit. Contracts can be reviewed after 1 month.
  • A one off set up fee of $500 applies to program a support CRM database with client product & service information, scripts, FAQ’s and protocols (Additional set up costs may apply if more complex training and IT time is required to connect to client sites via VPN).
  • Team Australian /AIR is a complete Help & Service Desk solution. Where a Receptionist message taking call centre solution is sought, a Sydney based Answering service can be arranged. Costs from $99.00 for 100 call messages per week. This service can also provide 1800 & 1300 numbers if required.
  • Outbound Telemarketing campaigns for market intelligence, customer retention, meeting setting and lead generation are provided under the ACE banner and quoted separately. Australian Customer Engagement (ACE) also uses our expert team of Australian staff.

Getting Started
All that is required is the start date, preferred hours of Help or Service Desk service availability, anticipated number and type of calls, web chat sessions and emails per week. Source generation (online, offline, media and social channels) also helps our response.

We will send a Service Agreement for review and arrange to meet, Skype or conference call to arrange implementation details, including staff training. Services can be established within one or two weeks, dependent on client training.

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